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Welcome to my website!
As I suppose you have already guessed, my name is Alex Barbarà and I am a legal advisor specialized in digital law and electronic sports (esports). Moreover, if you have visited my Linkedin profile (if you have not, I recommend you. And even connect with me inside for being easily in touch) you will have seen my academic background or all my work experience. For this reason, I will leave all this stuff aside and I will focus on something much more important for you: what should I know about Alex Barbarà?
Well, the first thing you should know about me is that I am a legal advisor from Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona) who studied law because liked the oratory and legal logic of lawyers. A “strange” way to see the world that could be used to help people and companies to solve their problems.
However, I have never been a classic lawyer. I am a restless person who is always searching for new things to know and this approach me to an “unconventional” branch of law. A concern that became passion when I discovered what is called “digital law” a part of the law focused on the arising problems of new technologies in our current society. Protection of intellectual property, use of trademarks, privacy, cookies, gambling, cybersecurity… are some of the topics that captivated me (and are still captivating) of digital law.
However, one more time I did not have enough with “conventional” digital law either. Gamer for years, I always had an eye on videogames and its legal problems. That interest became a high-passion when I discovered what many called “the sport of the 21st century”: the electronic sports. A new way of exploiting videogames based on the organization of professional competitions in which players of enormous skill compete, individually or representing clubs, within the framework of a certain game. An idea that captivated me from the first moment and that has even taken me to write a book in which I analyzed the laws of electronic sports in the world.
And I think that this is enough to get an idea of ​​who is the person behind this web page. Still, if you want to know more about me I leave some links to publications in the media as well as publications that I have written myself on other websites.


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