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Digital law

What is digital law? How can a legal advisor specialized in this area of ​​law help me or my company? If you have asked this questions, don’t worry because I am going to tell you in this section of my website.
For some lawyers, digital law is nothing more than an evolution of the classical branches of law. A new way of applying mercantile, civil, criminal or administrative laws to the problems derived from new technologies. For others, including myself, digital law is something more different. Is a branch of law that seeks to provide a legal response to problems that the other branches of law had not even set up. Problems born from the consolidation of innovation and the disruptive spirit of our current information society that together create a new legal branch: the digital law.
And what constitutes the digital law? Well, we could include subjects like intellectual property, trademarks and patents, domain names or DNS, the legal problems of startups, the collaborative economy, crowfunding or crowlending, the e-commerce, IT Governance, legaltech, data protection, online gamling, new digital rights and freedoms of people, digital reputation problems, teleworking, Internet of Things, Big Data the cloud, social networks, cookies, cybersecurity, technological compliance, electronic evidence, eGovernment, eMarketing, esports, Mobile and many more. In fact is a huge list of subjects that, as it could not be otherwise on Internet, does not seem to have an end. Digital law lives on par with new applications, new ideas and new challenges that arise with the use of Internet and it means that this is a branch of law without limits. Or is there someone that can say what new technology will be developed tomorrow and what problems can it raise?
However, there is a question that remains: what can a digital law specialist be useful? Very easy. Put together what you know a lawyer or a legal consultant does in traditional branches, add the possibilities offered by new technologies and mix it up with the versatility of knowledge of someone that know about technology. What you will get at the end is a person capable of solving your legal doubts in a sector as complex as the digital world. That person is a digital lawyer.

My specialties in digital law

Advice on legal obligations on the internet. If you have a web page, an ecommerce or a profile in a social network you should know that there are laws and rules that you must comply with.

Data protection. Who are you and what can others know about you? This is the basis of the right of privacy and what data protection laws try to protect, specially the General Data Protection Regulation.

Online gambling. From a draw that promote your brand to a mobile application, if you want advise on the obligations of the Spanish gamling law or its development regulations, I encourage you to contact me.