Ya disponible mi libro sobre las leyes en los deportes electrónicos

electronic sports

Electronic sports are organized competitions of video games in which different players (proplayers), individually or as part of a club, compete with each other inside a physical or online event with the goal of defeating your rivals and get an economic reward and / or recognition as a winner. An academic definition about esports that does not reflect, by far, what they really are and what is its impact in on our society.
According to the statistics, the electronic sports ecosystem gathered in 2018 a total of 165 million of enthusiasts (people who directly follow competitions of electronic sports) around the world. A number in constant progress that is also generating revenues to 463 million dollars between sponsorship contracts, prizes, merchandising or sale of retransmission rights.
But not only are numbers. In the physical competitions, there are queues to buy tickets, merchandise or for a place to encourage teams and players. Added to the competitive spectacle those elements have made many to consider electronic sports as the sport of the 21st century. For the moment, in the West we have not reached that consideration or an official declaration. Nevertheless, some Asian countries have. If you want to know more about this, I recommend that you get a copy of “Sin leyes no hay competición” my book about the laws of electronic sports that surely will not leave you indifferent.
But not all is shinny in electronic sports. The sector and its stakeholders (clubs, players, staff, streamers, content creators, organizers of competition, etc.) still have many problems to solve, especially in legal matters. Problems that can only be solved by lawyers and legal advisors specialized in the esports.

My legal specialities in electronic sports

Clubs. An electronic sports club is a company that wants to grow both competitively and economically. For this it is necessary to have a legal structure, contracts that regulate their staff and a solid legal structure that let them attract sponsors and revenues.

Proplayers. Be a professional electronic sports player entails many legal acts such as contracts with clubs, sponsors, streaming companies, etc. A whole set of acts that need the support of a legal adviser to been carried out.

Sponsors. Investing in esports can be complex without knowing your legal field. Sign sponsoring contracts with clubs or players, understand the obligations derived of an acto of streaming or knowing what can be required in advertising activations are some of the issues that you want to be carried out with a lawyer in your side.